Our Testimonials


(Because we respect client confidentiality, names have not been included. However the following comments can be verified and in certain circumstances, some clients have agreed to be contacted for reference purposes). 

These are only a few of the many testimonials that we receive:

* Thank you for changing my life. I no longer have my hospital/medical phobia.I had no problem attending hospital to have a ‘lump’  removed

* I don’t have to take pain relief for chronic pain (in shoulders) so often

* Without the techniques I would not have been able to get through the long stressful days (at work)

* I have been taken off the anti-depressants….this has been a fantastic help

* I am more confident at work and I don’t get stressed over petty things

* I am  more positive in my goals. I go walking every day and am continuing to lose weight

* I remember happy comforting memories now and anchor them. I find this is working really well for me

* I no longer have anxiety and panic attacks and have passed my driving test

* My daughter is a totally changed person, enjoying school again. Her ‘serious’ tummy pains have long since gone thanks to your insight and intervention

* Since using your techniques I have never lost a solo piping competition

* You taught me how to manage my mental state and improve my performance and consistency to win the Scottish Ladies Championship (Clay Target Shooting)