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In common with many other companies, from time to time you and your employees may be under under enormous pressure from work, causing stress and anxiety. Unless managed properly, stress and anxiety results in de-motivation, anger and unhappiness. Not only that, it may have a detrimental affect on the physical well-being of your staff.


In business terms its impact on the 'bottom line' through increased number of sickness days, reduced level of productivity and increased costs, is only too obvious.


It doesnít have to be like that!

Responsible Business Organisations can benefit from tailored programmes aimed at improving the mental well-being and skills levels of their staff.


Our experience in Management Consulting has enabled us to understand the major sources of 'people' stress throughout an Organisation. This enabled us to build a business model depicting the key sources of stress in a Business or Service organisation. Using this model, responsible companies can identify what actions they need to take to remove the stress points. 


Of course, organisations don't experience stress - people do!


So, combining our knowledge of business and therapy, we are able to offer a comprehensive programmes for stress reduction using the LifeChanges approach.


Through these programmes the LifeChanges approach is taught to your employees to manage their stress and generally improve their mental and physical well-being.


They will learn techniques that will unlock and channel their internal resources to create positive mental states and eliminate unwelcome limiting beliefs and emotions.


LifeChanges programmes can be configured to accommodate your companyís requirements and busy schedules. For example you may consider company sponsored programmes ranging from full one-day workshops to shorter sessions designed to fit around staff lunch-times. Or, you may simply want to make your employees aware of LifeChanges programmes and provide facilities for them to attend at their own cost.  

Examples of workshops themes include:
  - Stress Management
  - Anger Management
  - Managing your Mental State
  - Improving Motivation
  - Building Self-Confidence
  - Communication and Influencing Skills

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How many times have you invested in projects which have failed to deliver results to meet your expectations?


Whether these projects  are about Business Process Re-Engineering, Organisation Design and Development, Business Requirements Analysis or other major change initiatives, you need to bring out the best in your people to obtain impressive results. That usually means they need these qualities:


       * Creative


       *  Empowered


       * Team Players


       * Good communicators


       * Learning Orientated


We provide training in our unique and innovative business analysis/change methodology RAMS (Requirements Analysis for Management Systems). RAMS, developed by our parent company Metamorphosis Coaching and Consulting is a very visual and stimulating wallchart based methodology designed to enable your business and project teams to acquire these qualities..



When we developed RAMS, we embedded many of the principles of LifeChanges (especially Neuro Linguistic Programming) into it. For example, research has shown that people remember 20% of what they hear, 40% of what they see and hear and 80% of what they discover by themselves. Based on this research, we designed RAMS as a series of discrete 'discovery' workshops, to enhance the team learning process and empower them to take ownership of the analysis and results, too.


During the course we introduce the concepts of effective communication, the principles of group dynamics and various strategies for creativity. 


RAMS can be used by small and large companies alike for any size of project. It has been used throughout the world in most business sectors including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Oil and Gas and Government.


We have trained over 800 consultantsí worldwide in the use of this methodology, opening up their minds to think 'out of the box'. Our courses are consistently rated as excellent.


By investing in RAMS training you can be sure that your teams will deliver awesome results.  


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