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WELCOME TO TOM ROBERTSON THERAPY: Within these pages, you will find information about the services and supporting methods and techniques that I use to help clients transform their lives. Client needs are many and varied and include, for example, support to improve their mental health, coaching and support to improve their performance in sport, arts and business, and support to improve lifestyle and physical health. A list of typical client interventions is provided in the section below. However please note that this list is only a sample of the numerous client needs where treatment or coaching can be provided to help and support you.

My LifeChanges approach utilises the key methods of Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP. These techniques are skillfully combined during therapy sessions to bring about the desired positive changes for clients in a wide variety of situations and conditions. In addition, some aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness may be included, as required. Usually, you will be provided with instructions on the techniques used during your sessions and coached how to use them on your own, effectively providing a toolbox for your mind

Examples of Therapy and Coaching Projects

Many people, including adults and children alike, have benefited from the  LifeChanges approach. Please note that for some treatments, including depression, your Medical Practitioner's approval is required. Examples of the application of coaching and therapies include:

  • Relaxation

  • Removing stress and anxiety

  • Removing phobias and fears, including: fear of flying, hospitals, public speaking, and so on

  • PTSD

  • Overcoming depression

  • Building confidence, increasing motivation and improving your self esteem

  • Improving Memory and Exam Performance

  • Stopping smoking or other addictions

  • Losing weight or correcting eating disorders

  • Achieving full potential at work

  • Reaching peak performance in sport and arts

  • Changing limiting decisions and beliefs

  • Obtaining relief from arthritis, IBS, painful conditions and other physical problems

  • Improving quality of life

SETTING GOALS: Depending on your needs, I will work with you to set up discrete goals or outcomes plus action plans to help you achieve them. Success in achieving your goals depends on a collaboration between your conscious mind and unconscious mind. Permanent change really happens at the unconscious level. To illustrate this, we all know people who go on a diet and initially lose some weight. Then, we might see the same people, a few months later and notice that they have given up the diet and have put weight back on. Sometime later, something might trigger them to diet once again - and they repeat the same cycle of success and failure over and over again. Why can they not make the change permanent in the first place? The answer lies in the way that they have set up their goals or outcomes! I.e. they have not engaged their subconscious mind in the process. My approach ensures the unconscious mind is fully engaged in goal setting. By engaging the subconscious mind you increase your chances of success exponentially.

SELF HELP: A variety of CDs, online courses, downloads and apps are currently being developed for those wishing to go along the route of self-help and self-study. The website will be updated when they are available to purchase.

BUSINESS SUPPORT: A wide range of business seminars and workshops are available for businesses and other organisations needing to improve performance, reduce costs or improve employee well-being, for example. These workshops benefit from Tom Robertson's extensive and successful business experience. In a business context, each business project has its own purpose, goals and requirements. LifeChanges is integrated with business methodologies and tailored to each project requirements. 


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